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By: busybeetxmovers.com | May 31, 2018

Are you thinking of relocating your business to Texas? Commercial moves are quite hectic and stressful as there are many problems attached. Issues related to lease, delays in utility, packing and unpacking are a few hiccups to mention! Hence working with professional and experienced commercial movers in Texas is always recommended as it not only eases up the moving job but also makes you stress free.

Commercial Movers in Texas

You can find many commercial movers in and around Texas but you need to choose the right one in order to have a stress free and convenient relocation. But how to know which company is right for you? For that you need to ask a few questions to all the companies you have shortlisted. Let us find out what are the relevant questions!

How do they determine the cost?

The moving companies you are referring to must make an assessment well before quoting the price. For that one of their moving consultants needs to examine your entire premises. After completion of the assessment they need to provide you with detailed cost estimation which will help you to compare the estimates of other companies as well and hence make the right choice.

What kind of packaging is being used by them?

Packaging of equipments and other accessories especially the valuable ones is the most crucial job while moving. A proper packaging hence is must to keep your valuables safe and damage free. For that you need to ask the moving company all about their packaging techniques and materials. High quality plastic cartons, quickset boxes make the moving of valuables easy and safe. Furthermore, for emergency situations the movers must maintain an inventory which helps in avoiding losses.

How many vehicles needed to relocate all the stuffs?

How many and what type of vehicles are needed to relocate all the stuffs are a must to be asked questions as the safety of the valuables depends on it the most. Usually a good quality commercial mover makes use of air ride suspension moving vans which are mounted and are with hydraulic lifts.

Does the company meets up the insurance requirements?

Before hiring commercial moving companies ensure that they are insured. For that you can ask them for the certificate of insurance. Also ask them for the policy when something is lost or damaged during the relocation as well as if the losses and damages are fully covered by the service insurance. You need to be aware of the local laws regarding such matters as well.


When relocation of business is concerned make sure you hire the right and the best moving company to have a safe and stress free relocation. If you are looking for a dependable and experienced commercial mover in Texas then count on Busy Bees Texas Movers in Dallas.

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