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By: busybeetxmovers.com | March 04, 2017

First of all wish you a very Happy New Year! After the champagne has been poured and the confetti has fallen, it could be the time take into account a new beginning in 2017. For a lot of people, this means relocating to a new home – and probably a new city too. If you are looking for professional Dallas movers for your next move in the new year, here are a few quick tips to make your relocation hassle-free and successful.

Choose a mid-week or mid-month relocation date. You can think about a moving between the months of September and April. This time frame is actually the best way to save both money and time on your next relocation. During the mid-week & mid-months the demand of moving is usually low, so your moving expenditure will probably lower also.

Double check your contract for specific on how to breach it. If you are renting, don’t ignore to remind your property owner sooner than later, so that you can tie up loose ends and probably secure a substitute to save cash.


Inform your utility company regarding your relocations a month beforehand. The quicker you notify your utility company regarding the relocation, the simpler the procedure of transferring your cable and electricity bills to your new address will be. It is also nice idea to fix a time for the cable guy to visit your new address and get everything in order. You will wish to ensure you still have access electricity, cables and other essentials in your old apartment until the moving day.

Keep crucial documents organized. While packing your stuff, ensure to keep crucial documents such as passports, birth certificates, tax papers, etc in a detached, clearly marked box.

Wrap non-essential first and necessary stuff last. As you start the packing procedure, ensure to pack non-essential (stuff you won’t be requiring a month prior to the move) first. Three or four days before the relocation, you will also have to box up a separate box with the possessions you will require on moving date and the immediate days after.


If relocating with infants or pets, secure a sitter to take care of them. Save your insanity and hire assistance while relocating with a young child. With so many doors opened, bulky boxes and risky equipment around, it is good to keep your child and darling pet away from the disturbance of the day.

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